Pillow-Lamp: a real nice-to-have

on 03 21, 2017

Pillow LampWhen reading in your bed you always try to find the most suitabe light for you. Traditional lamps are not always the best solution, asĀ  the yellow light makes your eyes get tired pretty soon, and may also bother another person in the bed.

The new pillow-lamp is not a fantasy, and you do not need to be millioner to get one for yourself. You can easily buy one at thumbsupuk.com for 25 English Pounds, the sale start May, 3rd 2010.

The diode pillow-lamp has several lighting modes, and is powered by 3 AA batteries. You can turn on your new pillow simply by squeezing it. It provides enough light for you to read, and is rather comfortable to sleep on.

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