Jetpack: fly into the Future

on 09 14, 2009

We all live in a beautiful era, when our dreams and even the craziest fantasies are becoming a reality…one by one. Operating gadgets with voice, robots that help us do the laundry and clean the house, 3-D movies – all this is stuff from the sci-fiction books we used to read when we were kids, and a part of our life today.

Some of us can’t help admiring all this, some are more calm, but there hardly will be anyone to remain ignorant about Glenn Martin’s invention – a Jetpack, or a rocket backpack, if you want. Basically, “rocket” is not the best word for it, as this 535 lbs aircraft device is meant to help you navigate through the neighbourhoods, not send you to the space.

Martin Jetpack

This video shows Jetpack’s fantastic maneuverability:

It’s inventor, Glenn Martin from New Zealand, has been working on Jetpack for years, but now the device has gone through the last trials and is now making its way towards production line. Can you buy one for yourself? Yes! The Jetpack is now available through pre-order on Glenn Martin’s website for $80000 dollars, but it is said to become cheaper as the production volume increases.

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