Green Gadgets

on 03 1, 2017

In the end of February a Green Gadgets Conference took place in New York. The idea of the conference is to present gadgets that are not only useful, but also help preserve nature and energy resources by some way, help us feel better and be healthier.
There were many nice concepts shown, but there were winners too. Here are the best three, so check out for some innovation here!

First place

The first place was given to (and it really should have been) Augmented Living Goods project. It is supposed to let you use your cellphone camera to scan the code on various products in stores, and look for comments on it from those who have already tried it, search for best prices on it in your neighborhood. This would help people choose products and save.

Second Place

IllumiCharger is a USB charger device that has a solar battery uses solar energy to charge any USB stuff you connect. The device is also capable of  collecting energy, so you can use it even at night.

Third Place

Empower is a concept of a swing-chair that produces electric energy as you swing in it. It generates it form the mechanic energy, and can possibly produce energy of 110 V.

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