Get Your Pentax Dressed: Kameraman puppets make people smile

on 03 21, 2017

If you areĀ  a photographer, you probably have some experience trying to make people you are taking an image of, smile into the camera. Not many though have ever came up with making a camera force people smile. With a hand-made Kameraman puppet it will be really simple, and it can also help you become recognized among other photographers for your style. The puppets cost $32, and you can choose the one you like from a large variety. Puppets are meant to hang in the telephoto lens, and you should also draw a smile on your lens cap to finish the composition. The picture shows a Pentax camera with one or the puppets.
Of course, you would not want your Pentax or Nikon or whatever you have, be decorated this way all the time, but it is definitely a good solution if you are going to visit your kids’ kindergarten event. Yes, there is no doubt, you will be the most popular photographer there, and you will easily get a dozen or more of happy smiles!

Kameraman Puppets

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