Asus Waveface on CES 2010: twisted it!

on 03 18, 2010

CES 2010 has unveiled many great gadgets, either real ones and concepts.  Along with some of their products, ASUS Corporation has presented some astonishing concepts, anyone can be impressed with. The two of them are shown below, they both are a part of Waveface – a series of concepts by Asus. This series is targeted to make devices be highly functional, but still very simple to use.

ASUS Waveface Light

Asus Waveface Light is an unusual notebook, you can twist and bend it in any way you like. The device has a flexible screen as well, and  its keyboard is also a touch screen. If you lay it flat you will get a tablet PC. In fact, flexible screens will hopefully become a reality soon, there are several companies developing this technology now.

ASUS Waveface Ultra

Another device concept presented by Asus is Waveface Ultra. It looks somewhat like a bracelet or a wristwatch, but it is a communicator. You can operate it simply by moving your arm, and it has a fancy look.

The devices seem to be rather useful, any many now hope them to become a reality soon, though we all know that not every concept makes it to a production line.

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