Apple iPad – In Stores By April

on 03 22, 2017

Apple's first tablet

It’s been  now  four days since Apple started accepting pre-orders for its iPad – the Apple’s first tablet PC. During the first six hours the pre-order was available, Apple had collected over  90, 000 orders, and continues receiving more and  more every day.

Summarizing  the first hands-on reviews, most of the owners are impressed by the display quality, and the way it feels in the hands. Both colors and touchscreen response effect are said to be great, as well as the speed of the CPU. Most of the Apple iPad owners have noted that  the applications and the  webpages load super fast.

Among the disappointments the most important one (though everyone was informed on this before) is no multitask. This is easy to understand:  the price says you are buying a computer, but in fact you are getting an almost-netbook-more-than-a -reader device with a cool touchscreen and with no camera.

Apple’s iPad is definitely something new on the market, and not only devoted Apple-lovers are interested in it now, though still this device will need to find a proper niche for itself. When some are in a rush to buy iPad, the others still try to figure out what would they need it for.

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